Bile Hashi Is born in Somalia in a family with great bokintresse. The family lived in a small village on the border between Somalia and Ethiopia. He is the second eldest of five siblings. His father was a lawyer and mother a nurse. Book was great interest in the family. Bile has described his childhood and the interest in the book like this;

"I absolutely love literature, writing and reading. I was crazy adventure, fairy tales, stories, when I was a child. Books was what could bring me out into the world. In them I could live life I did not know existed, travel in the meantime, make the great discoveries, or discovering myself. So it has remained., I still love to read, listen to stories, but most of all spending time with people., it is the people I learn a lot of what I write and feel as my true reality. "

My grandmother was my favorite "book". She was a book that never ended. Anytime, anywhere she could tell stories that no one else could tell or write about, and as always ended happily. She was so smart and her sayings, proverbs and stories are still in my head. My grandmother lived with us and was always home. She always sat under the tree in our house when I come home and told me stories. She had no educational opinions on what children should hear. She told me everything and I listened. Grandma was also interested in taking part of the newspaper's content, but she could not read herself, however I could, so when Dad was finished with the magazine I used to read to my grandmother. And so I became a reading children!

Bile came to Sweden in 1987 at age 16. He trained as a engineer while he was working as an interpreter. He has worked for, among other things, Interpretation Centre and Volvo in Gothenburg. He has also read the economist at the University of Gothenburg. He lives in Gothenburg since 1990. Bile is currently working as an economist in Gothenburg.

Bile says he developed much as a person when he worked as an interpreter in Gothenburg. Contact with their clients / countrymen who came to Sweden as refugees taught him much of his own country and people.

"Even though my clients are from the same country, fleeing from the war, they carried with them a thousand different stories to tell. And I had the honor to interpret their life story to officials at the Board of Immigration where I was working as an interpreter "

Bile was lucky himself not experienced civil war in Somalia but was affected the same way by contact with their relatives and interpreting clients. "Interpretation work was an instructive but mentally heavy work"

When Bile traveled to Ethiopia to Kenya meeting he people who risked their lives got there across the border from Somalia when civil war began. They are driven by the dream of surviving a war, Here he meets people who are waiting for the war to end, hoping and praying to Allah. People who have no rights, because their existence in those countries classified as illegal.

His great interest in social issues and the fact that he has always found it fun to tell the result of Bile debuted as an author with his novel "Janno" which came in 2002. This was followed by dozens of other novels.

Bile Hashi | somalisk författare