About his writing Bile said:

"Writing a story has always been a dream for me. Curiosity and experimentation has driven me to write and explore. And I'm interested in social issues. Issues special interest to me is the conflict between individuals and the conflict between individual conscience and demands from outside. Individual transformation in exile is another question that interests me. And that is what I write about in my books.

It's also great fun to write about things you know are read by others - it is not about vanity or something to do, it increases the joy of writing and creation. One of my happiest days, for example, when a beautiful April day I step on the tram at the cathedral in Gothenburg and sat next to a young woman who read my book!

What makes a good novel?

A good novel should content be excitement, good environmental and personal narrative, and so is a mystery! Stylistically, do I write clear environments, and also I strive to try to find the right "tone" to each of my books. I mean that it thereby increases credibility. I only did the people and environments I describe will be recognizable to the reader. I think I will benefit from my interpreter business when I got to know many people who specialize in different things, police, doctors, lawyers, social workers, journalists and others, making it easy for me to build a realistic story. Otherwise, it is quite another thing to write a book. It is largely a matter of expectation. .

Bile Hashi | somalisk författare