Shan Habeen



Mulki came to Sweden because of love, but the love is short-lived. Through multiple heartbreaks, abuses, and turmoil, she is left distant from her husband, and yet unable to move on due to a sense of traditional loyalty. But it wasn't too long before tides had turned, and she was whisked away by the sweetness of a gentleman, Ahmed, who showed her what it meant to truly love. Now, confronted by tradition, and a true love, Mulki treads a path of internal strife and struggle. The story is filled with moments of love, despair, humour, conflict, anxiety, and joy. It is an excellent story to be read over and over again.




En bok med massor av kärlek.

En bok som väcker tankar och

faktiskt också ger en del hopp till alla oss som drabbats av kärlek.



Bile Hashi | somalisk författare